All our homes supply different levels of service tailored to individual needs

We provide Residential, Dementia, Nursing and Palliative Care, plus a wide range of services that support our endeavours to offer a Home for Life. This is a very important consideration for our residents and their families who seek continuing care – and peace of mind – for the future.

Residential care for the elderly

Residential Care

It’s natural that as time goes by many older people find it hard to manage in their own homes, needing more help or support.

The needs of those who require residential care varies from person to person. Some may need assistance managing their medications, others might have mobility issues or need help with personal care, for some they simply wish to know they are in an environment where help is on hand 24 hours per day and they don’t need to worry about preparing meals, cleaning their home, doing their laundry or maintaining their garden.

For some people they desire the fellowship and social interaction that life in a care home brings, and want to feel part of a community. To fulfil this need, our homes offer a wide range of social activities for all tastes and abilities, encouraging friendship and a sense of belonging.

All in all, we can offer reassuring, 24-hour support for older people who want to live in a comfortable and homely environment. Support that means no longer having to worry about coping alone.

Nursing care for the elderly

Nursing Care

If you or your loved one have slightly more complex needs you/they may be assessed as requiring nursing care. In this instance an assessment will be made by a health practitioner, sometimes this occurs in a hospital setting, or it may be completed by a district nurse in the community. During the assessment a judgement will be made as to whether you or your loved one require the care of a qualified registered nurse and if this is the case you or your loved one will receive “Funded Nursing Care”. This is a type of funding which is paid directly by the National Health Service towards the overall cost of the care.

For those with more complex needs the assessment may find that ‘Continuing Healthcare Funding’ is awarded. In this case the total cost of the care will be met by the National Health Service.

Those requiring nursing care benefit from the same 24-hour personal support and accommodation of those living in residential care, but also benefit from receiving specialist care from qualified, registered nurses.

Palliative Care

At Milford Care we have a passion for caring for those at the end of their lives, and we understand how important it is for you and your loved one to find the right place when seeking care for someone whose long term condition or terminal illness is no longer responding to treatment.

Our specially trained palliative nursing and care staff take a holistic approach to end of life care, working closely with the individual and their family to provide an entirely personalised package of care, managing not only physical symptoms but also meeting the individual’s emotional and spiritual needs.

Dementia care for the elderly

Dementia Care

At Milford Care our mission is to bring about real change within Dementia Care, and as such our staff receive special training in order to support those living with dementia. We want every resident to experience a sense of wellbeing, and to achieve this care must be planned with a totally person-centered approach. When planning care for an individual living with dementia we examine their life history, consider their abilities and ensure that at all times we are supporting them to make choices and act in their best interest.

Some of our Homes are able to deliver more specialised dementia care, however we are continually seeking ways to develop the environment within every home to enhance the wellbeing of all our residents.

milford house respite care

Respite Care

Whether you are a full-time professional carer, care for a relative or are in need of care yourself, taking a short term or “respite” break could be the perfect solution for you or the person you care for.

These types of breaks are also ideally suited to those who have recently been in hospital and don’t quite feel ready to return to their own homes. They’re also great for those who want to ‘try out’ life in a care home, before making a decision as to whether it would suit them as a more permanent move.

Booking a respite or short term stay allows you to enjoy an “all-inclusive break”, where you can rest and relax in a homely, welcoming environment, knowing help is on hand and all your meals, cleaning and laundry services will be provided to you.  They also offer the chance to get involved in the social side of the Home – whether that be joining in with the activities programme or simply a chance to meet and mix with the other people we support.

Day Care

Sometimes living at home can be lonely, but you may not be ready to move into residential care full time. At Milford Care we recognise the importance of striking the right balance between independence and support, and as a Group we also recognise the growing concern over isolation and loneliness in our communities. As such all of our homes offer day care for those who might like to spend some time in our care homes either for social interactions or to receive a little extra support.

Our day care packages are totally flexible. Whether you want to come on a particular day each week, enjoy some delicious home-cooked food or enjoy a supported “soak” in our accessible baths, we’ll create a day care package that’s tailored to meet your needs.

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