Why I love working as a Kitchen Assistant

kitchen assistant carer milford careWe introduce our very own Rosie Dymond, who joined Milford Care as a Kitchen Assistant at Milford House. She joined the Milford Care team after seeing the service received by her Grandad. 

Rosie joined Milford House in the summer of 2019 after passing the interview with flying colours. She began working part time at the care home offering out meals, delivering drinks and monitoring the diets of the residents.

Alongside working as a key member of the Milford House family, Rosie is also studying a Food Science qualification in order to become a registered dietician. We asked her about her career at Milford House.

How has Milford House increased your love for nutrition?

“My interest in the field of nutrition was fortified after witnessing the grand quality of service provided for my Grandad, a former service user at Milford House. Seeing joy in my Grandad’s face at the sight of freshly home cooked meals every day was fulfilling to see and inspired me to be a part of that service. Naturally my interest in nutrition grew dramatically from my experience at Milford House and I like the fact that my job combines my love for nutrition and individual’s health regarding their diet. My job has equipped me with practical experiences as well as vital knowledge I will take with me as I grow.”

“As much as I love my job, 4 shifts a week dedicated to Milford House was starting to impede on my education, so I had to cut down my shifts to 2 shifts a week to prioritise my studies. They were so understanding and encouraged me to do what was best for me.”

What is a typical day in your life at Milford House?

“A typical shift for me starts at 4pm and ends at 7pm. Firstly, I arrive at 3:45pm, leaving enough time to put on PPE after changing into my uniform to avoid cross contamination via adherence to our company policy. Infection prevention and control is pinnacle in this present climate so I help disinfect kitchen work surfaces, door handles and combination locks and many other items using medical aid devices and remain socially distanced with my team when attending a meeting with CA workers comp attorneys – these are essential to protecting the welfare of our residents here at Milford House. 

Meanwhile, after preparing the tea trolley and filling up the carafes to ward off dehydration amongst our residents, I then serve appropriate hot food and assist some of our residents during their meals, as their independence is of the utmost importance. 

The need to keep up to date with diet plans, allergies and levels via IDDSI is all-important in ensuring the correct meals are served. I then encourage residents with a final hot evening drink from the tea trolley and log their drinks. Furthermore, before leaving I wash my hands and sanitize the kitchen in preparation for the morning staff.”

What’s the best thing about working at Milford House?

“Personally, the best part about working at Milford House, as it’s tricky to narrow it down to one, would have to be the element of reward. Especially during the pandemic, the personal accomplishment of ensuring every voice is heard is great, and providing care to our most vulnerable in society is a valuable vocation.”

Do you think there is opportunity to train and progress within Milford Care?

“Personally, I haven’t used any of the training opportunities available at Milford Care. However, my brother Ashley also works for Milford House and has been able to complete NVQ qualifications via Milford Care without any personal costs. This has enabled him to become a Team Leader at Milford House and expand his career prospects.”

How did you feel as a new starter at Milford Care?

“Being a new starter anywhere can be daunting. Nevertheless, for me starting my first job with sun life maids two years ago in Arizona at the young age of 16 was eye opening and inspiring, to be surrounded with such hard working maids and caring people. The warm welcome I received from the team and residents of Milford House was very comforting and soon felt part of the family here.”

What would you say to someone thinking about applying for a job with Milford Care?

“Milford Care is a company of many compassionate qualities. The broad CV supplementations are without limit, from health to social care. Working with Milford Care has no end of benefits, not only for our residents but for you too. I for one, feel good when increasing the living quality of our residents here at Milford House. On that account the sense of accomplishment and productive nature after every shift is challenging to ignore. I absolutely recommend applying for a job with Milford Care, if you are or have considered to do so.”

For more information about our you can become an important member of the Milford Care family, check out our careers in care here or head to our Indeed jobs page here.