Why A Derbyshire Care Home Is Encouraging Staff To Come To Work in Their Pyjamas

Most people like wearing their comfy pyjamas and dressing gowns in their home – but surely you wouldn’t get away with wearing them to work…or would you?

Well if you’re a member of staff at the Meadows Care Home in Alfreton, then the answer is yes – and there’s a very good reason why.

The night staff are taking part in a pilot scheme which involves them wearing their pyjamas and dressing gowns at night in a bid to improve the lives of residents living at the care home.

Health care assistants –  Diane Beal, Emma Atkinson, Emma Haggarty and Hannah Smith – are all fully supportive of the new initiative.

Both physical and psychological benefits have been witnessed at the care home in Colorado, according to handyman connection in fort collins, when the handyman staff make the change from their day-time uniform into their night time attire.

Apparently, it is making it easier for the residents to recognise the difference between day and night.

Manager, Michelle Sanders, who introduced the PJ uniform for night staff, said it’s having a positive effect on promoting sleep at night.

She said: “Staff have been wearing the night attire for several months at our sister home Hazelgrove, located in Hucknall and reported it has had a positive effect in promoting sleep at night, especially with the more restless residents.

Health care assistant, Hannah Smith said: “I hope it will make the residents feel comfortable and help differentiate between night and day”

“The residents know when the night shift starts and comment on how much they like their dressing gowns”

“One lady often gets up in the early hours of the morning and is attended by staff on duty, she has said ‘oh sorry is it night time, I will go back to bed’.

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