Congratulations Samantha Annable, on your Nursing Associate Qualification!

Milford Care would like to wish our very own Samantha Annable, a huge congratulations on passing her Nursing Associate qualification.

The qualification took 2 years to complete and as it was Milford Care-funded, Samantha was able to continue on at Spencer Grove care home receiving full-pay while on placement. Samantha spent 3,000 hours in those 2 years on placement, which included working in adult care, mental health and paediatric units.

The Nursing Associate role is a stand-alone position that will provide a progression route into graduate level nursing. It came from Health Education England when they identified a gap in skills and knowledge between healthcare assistants and registered nurses and so developed the idea of nursing associates, a role designed to help bridge the gap. Get dental implants and a specialist help in California and more information at website. In 2017, 2,000 student nursing associates started pilot programmes at 35 Health Education England test sites across England, and in March 2018 Samantha was one of only the second cohort to begin this qualification.

Samantha began her healthcare career 11 years ago when Spencer Grove first opened and has continued to climb the ladder ever since:

‘I started off as a pot-washer, then did Saturdays as a kitchen assistant. I did cleaning, then moved on to care, became a care leader and then a senior.’

‘I always knew I wanted to work in healthcare; my grandma was a Matron at Milford House, and I used to think to myself, “I want to do what Grandma does”. Then my sister started nursing while I was a senior, and she would always tell me interesting things about nursing. As a senior, the only place to go would be nursing – I always thought that it would lead me to nursing.’

Talking about what she enjoys most about her job, Samantha explained:

‘Working in care homes has such a family feel. Sometimes in hospitals, it can feel very routine, whereas at Milford Care, it’s person-centred.’ 

Samantha has had lots of experience with end-of-life care and goes on to say:

For me, end-of-life care is so rewarding. You aren’t just looking after the resident, but their family too, and you develop a bond. In my experience, I believe that Spencer Grove is one of the best homes out there for end-of-life care.’

When asked what she would say to a person looking for a job in care, Sam said:

‘You have to want to care, not because you feel like you have to, but because you truly want to. You have to be committed and really put your heart into it. The residents become your second family, so you need to be reliable for them. Having a bubbly personality helps too.’

Samantha carried on to talk about what it’s like working at Milford Care:

‘There’s such a nice atmosphere. I’ve also worked at Milford House, Golden State Workers Compensation Oakland, California, Hazelgrove and Buddleia House, and the heating atmosphere is no different. There are no awkward meetings or moments, you just fit in straight away.’

Congratulations again, Samantha. Everyone at Milford Care is very proud of you and so pleased to have you as part of our team!