New Care Home Brings UK First To Hucknall

Opening in April, Buddleia House will be one of the first care homes in the UK to adopt the Montessori approach to dementia care – a unique and innovative approach to person centred care which has already seen success in Australia and Canada.

Buddleia House will be the sixth care home under the Milford Care Group family, who currently boast five homes all rated ‘Good’ by the CQC. It will be the second home located in Hucknall, alongside Hazelgrove Care Home, which is the only care home in Hucknall to have been awarded the highest Band 5 Quality Award and the Dementia Quality Mark by Nottinghamshire County Council, as well as the ‘Good’ rating by the CQC.

“People living with dementia, and their loved ones, face immense challenges” explains Lorraine Poundall, Home Manager of both Hazelgrove and Buddleia House.

“Standard care homes do not always specifically aim to address these challenges in the way that Buddleia House will. In fact, a ‘typical’ care home environment can often exacerbate and further confuse a person with dementia.”

Buddleia House has been created for the person living with dementia, using best practice in care, design, food and nutrition, and methods to enable the person to feel like they belong, have purpose, feel part of their community and to be fulfilled.

The Montessori approach to care aims to enable individuals to live as independently as possible and have a place in their community to contribute and thrive. Its key principles focus on enhancing the home environment, improving the quality of life of residents and giving their lives purpose.

Residents can enjoy and engage in daily living in Buddleia House. Our community has an indoor garden area, a pub, library area, a pantry, sweet shop, creative art and music areas, and lots of other engaging facilities. A therapeutic garden has been designed to give residents the opportunity to pot plants in the green house, feed the chickens, have a game of bowling on the specially made bowling green, enjoy a drink in the beer garden or the tea house, and much more.

“We have started implementing the Montessori methods in our group and we’ve already been able to change the day to day quality of life by enabling and giving people purpose with the help of professionals. For example, we’ve been able to support a gentleman with dementia to become independent in using the bathroom through unique design, signage and support which has given him back his dignity and control.

“A lady had lost the ability to eat independently and by supporting her with techniques and Montessori approaches she was able to re-learn the skill of using a spoon, which has helped her to regain her independence in eating. This has given her a new lease of life and the family is so grateful.

“Other residents have roles and purpose by helping their community. Examples include hanging out washing, folding laundry, helping in the garden and laying the tables. Other residents who were thought to have lost the ability to read are now taking part in the book club with specially written books for people with dementia.  This has given them a purpose in their daily life and also helps to reduce some of the challenges that dementia can cause.”

Buddleia House has just opened for enquiries, you can book a tour anytime where you will be able to feel the difference for yourself.

For more information, please visit Buddleia House