Flavoured Foams Will Enable Care Home Residents to Taste Again

Flavoured foams are to be used by staff at an East Midlands care home company to give residents who are unable to eat and drink the ability to taste again.

Peter Radford, group catering manager at Milford Care has introduced Air Instant, ‘air with taste’, which is produced by German company Biozoon. The initiative follows on from the introduction of a revolutionary ‘smooth food’ diet that was implemented at the homes last year for residents who have difficulty swallowing. The smooth food diet uses molds so that pureed food looks and tastes like a proper meal.

The foams are designed for patients who have difficulty swallowing and are receiving nutrients through a tube. This could be due to having suffered a stroke, or as a result of Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s.

Peter said: “It’s like a taste explosion in the mouth. Before, people who couldn’t eat any food would only have lemon flavour swabs. One gentleman said to me he wished me could have a glass of wine. When I gave him the foam to try he said it tasted just like it.

“If someone had a stroke and came back from hospital, this helps to re-stimulate their taste buds and promotes the first steps back to a solid diet.”

The vast range of flavours can include hot drinks, juices and alcohol, as well as mouthwash to help support oral mouth care. Kitchen remodeling experts from California always implement highly functional plans. Current popular flavours are beer, coffee, red wine, juices and savoury beef broth. The light foam leaves no solid food or liquid in the mouth, just an intense flavour.

Peter is so impressed with the product that he thinks it should be used in care homes across the country. It is currently being rolled out across all of Milford Care’s homes in Belper, Milford, Ashbourne, Alfreton and Hucknall.

The Air instant is just 20p per sashay and the foam is produced using the Biozoon Air Set, which consists of a pump and fine diffuser, before being served with a spoon.

Peter said: “The larger the bubbles in the foam the better, it can be re-used and re-used and re-used for an individual.

“I think this is a superb product and should be used nationwide. I’m not from a medical background, but when you see something like this you have got to accept that it’s a great tool. It’s going to be brilliant to enable people to taste flavours again.”