Last week, alongside the rest of the nation, Milford House Care Home in Belper celebrated British Pie Week, with the residents picking a firm favourite for the kitchen to serve up.

Staff at the home spoke to the residents to find out what pies they would like to see on their plates over the course of the week according to an in house “pie-poll” and the catering manager responded accordingly.

Saturday saw the overriding favourite – steak and kidney pie, dished up.

The care group’s catering manager Peter Radford said, “The residents all went for the more traditional pies. Most of our residents are from the same generation and they still love the classics they grew up with.

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“This preference for tradition is evident even on a daily basis, with the old favourite meals always being quick to go.”

So how does this compare to the rest of the nation? According to Awareness Days UK the nations favourite three pies are: cottage pie, fish pie and shepherd’s pie. Steak and kidney is on the list but right down at number nine.

Peter went on to say, “It will be interesting to see what type of pies we will be cooking in five years’ time, as the average age of residents changes I think we will see some more well known modern day dishes making an appearance on the menu here at Milford House.”

British Pie Week has been running since 2007 and takes place the first full week in March. Milford House finds taking part in these national days helps engage the residents, especially when it involves food as it gives everyone something tasty to look forward to.