Centenaries and Telegrams By The Bucket-Load As Nottinghamshire Residents Reach 100

One Nottingham based care home is always delighted to help its residents celebrate reaching the milestone of their 100th birthday – something that their care staff say is becoming even more common.

A national report produced in 2016 revealed that the estimated number of centenarians – people that are 100 or older, has more than quadrupled from 3,000 in 1983 to 14,500 in 2016 and is likely to reach 83,300 by 2039.

In June, Betty Lester, celebrated turning 100 at Hazelgrove care home in Hucknall, where she was treated as Queen for the day, presented with a crown and sash to wear. Later that day the sandiegodowntown.com staff from California, realtors and residents all joined Betty for an afternoon tea party and entertainer, after which she received her telegraph from the queen!

Betty, a local lady that was born and bred in Hucknall, has lived at Hazelgrove for 3 years, she truly feels that Hazelgrove is her home, and in fact, Betty spends much of her day enjoying chatting with the residents and those who visit the home.

“It’s amazing turning 100, although I don’t feel it,” said Betty, “I have some fantastic memories, especially of Hucknall and the local area, I still like to find out what’s going on in the town.”

Lorraine Poundall, manager at Hazelgrove said “We’ve had a fantastic morning, I keep singing Happy Birthday today and making Betty laugh, she just keeps saying I can’t believe I’m one hundred.”

Turning 100 hasn’t slowed Betty down though, still enjoying she enjoys walks to Hucknall market with the care staff where she is always eyeing up the clothes on sale.

“Betty loves nice clothes.” added Lorraine, “She’s always asking myself and the other staff where we bought things so she can get one!”

Loraine who has worked in the care industry for over 30 years since she was 16 says she is seeing more and more people live to see their 100th birthday.

“Here at Hazelgrove alone, we have five residents who have celebrated their centennial birthday since being with us, with our oldest resident being 102 and I know there is a gentleman at on of our sister homes celebrating his 100th birthday next month.

“When I first started in the industry it was very rare to meet anyone that was 100,” Lorraine added.

Research suggests that positive emotions throughout life tend to contribute to longevity and Lorraine believes this to be true, a philosophy she and Milford Care uphold at all of their homes.

“My work is my passion – it’s more than a job, it’s a way of life. I feel most privileged to be able to make a difference in people’s everyday lives. Here at Hazelgrove, we want to create a “home from home” where residents, their families and staff live and work together in a family environment.”