Alfreton care home gain the Derbyshire Dignity Award again

The Meadows care home have scooped the Derbyshire Dignity Award for another year running, after providing expert support to residents of the Alfreton home. 

This was awarded by Derbyshire County Council after they observed the home’s commitment to ‘genuinely improving culture of dignity in services across Derbyshire’. 

The report also stated ‘All the dignity champions ensure that they treat everyone as an individual and respect their wishes.’

The home on Mansfield Road is a part of the Milford Care group which is known across Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire for their Montessori approach to care. This approach has been proven to help develop resident’s independence and gain confidence whilst being cared for by the Montessori-trained care staff. Activities to help build this Montessori approach included making the bed, making a cup of tea, helping to fold towels, tending to the garden and many more. 

Michelle Sanders, Home Manager of The Meadows said, “I couldn’t be prouder of the staff after they have worked so hard to gain this award. Every decision made within the home is for the residents and it’s so nice to see the residents continue to grow and not let go of who they are or what they like to do.”

To find out more about The Meadows, email or call the home to have a friendly chat on 01773 520491.