“I don’t just live at The Meadows. I work here too.” Meet Verna.

When Verna first moved into The Meadows, she felt very unsettled and often wanted to go home, until she began helping our breakfast assistant. Now she’s very busy with her new role, which has given her purpose and she is now known as the life and soul of the party! Janet Peat, our Dementia Care Coach, tells her story…

“Verna came to The Meadows care home in April 2023. She was a very quiet lady who struggled to settle and found it difficult to join in with group activities. We spent time together looking at her likes, dislikes and hobbies.”

“Verna expressed that throughout her life she has always been very busy and wanted to have more tasks to do each day. Our breakfast assistant, Joy, was determined to make this happen.”

“The next day, Joy invited Verna to help her at breakfast time. Verna was delighted and jumped at the chance to keep busy. She got busy making drinks, taking breakfast orders, collecting the pots and cleaning the tables. She was in her element and her mood had already improved. Each day, we asked Verna if she wanted to help out, and she jumped at the chance.”

“After a few weeks in her new role helping the breakfast assistant, The Meadows gifted Verna her own dustpan and brush set, dusters and cloths so she can do her housework in her room. She was over the moon, and got to work straight away, tidying, dusting and talking to other residents about what she was doing.”

“Although they may seem like little changes, these purposeful tasks helped Verna to feel more confident, socialise more and enjoy her ‘time off’ within the home. She even asked for an annual leave day so she could join the group at Twycross Zoo. Of course, we said yes, and she had a brilliant time smiling at all the animals and buying gifts to fill her bedroom with.”

“One of Verna’s favourite things to do is having her morning coffee and a chat with other residents. She often says, “Oh no dears, I don’t only live here, I work here too. I do the cleaning, make the drinks and lots of other things.” It’s been incredible to watch Verna come out of her shell from the quiet lady she was at the beginning, and now, she’s the life and soul of the party and tries new things all the time!”

“Verna is extremely happy and has found her purpose at The Meadows. She says she feels valued, included and continues to be independent in her daily life.”

“We love having Verna in our care home. She’s not just a resident. She is a much loved and valued member of The Meadows family.”

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