“I’m more independent now than I have been in a very long time.” Meet Lawrence.

Since Lawrence moved to Ashbourne Lodge, Derbyshire, his mood, independence and purpose in life has improved for the better. Stacy Sandham, our Activities Coordinator, tells his story…

“Lawrence came to live at Ashbourne Lodge just over a year ago. His independence had become a challenge for him and his family, and due to work commitments, his loved ones soon realised they were going to need professional care.”

“As with many residents, moving to a care home is a big change and one that Lawrence was not happy about. We tried to make Lawrence feel as comfortable as possible, however, he was very unhappy and expressed this through shouting, swearing and setting off door alarms.”

“As an Activity Coordinator, I was really keen to settle in Lawrence as quickly as possible by getting to know his likes, dislikes, passions and hobbies. The training I’ve received since working at Milford Care enables me to improve a residents’ wellbeing, social skills and stimulation by providing them with meaningful activities as well as an increased sense of self-worth. His family played a huge part in letting me know more about his life growing up, his employment, hobbies and interests and so we devised a list of activities that he was likely to enjoy.”

“In his younger years, Lawrence was always an active person, loved spending time with his family, having a pint in his local pub, playing pool, dominoes, and darts. More than any of those, Lawrence loved to support his beloved football team, Manchester City.”

“We started by asking him if he would like to join in with activities, which weren’t always successful, but as time went on, Lawrence’s confidence had grown and so has his list of things that made him happy! His favourite thing was to have a pint of lager and sit in front of the tele watching Man City. He would get so engrossed, it was a pleasure to see.”

“Later in the year, we opened our Montessori Suite. This facility was an extension to the care home and aimed to benefit people with early onset dementia and maintain a purpose of independence. Containing a pub, a shop, a nursery, a travel agent, a spa room, and Lawrence’s favourite, a pool table, this seemed like the perfect place for Lawrence to increase his independence and join in with activities that he loved. After introducing him to the area and him benefitting from the facilities, the home manager and Lawrence’s family thought a move into this building would be instrumental in him getting back to loving life.”

“Since Lawrence moved to the Montessori Suite, Lawrence has enjoyed his football on TV, played his beloved pool and dominoes in the Market Hall, and more importantly, has found purpose in the everyday. He is now able to dress and shower himself, and has become so confident that he now greets every member that comes into the Market Hall, and thanks them for coming.”

“Lawrence’s mood has changed dramatically and that’s the best thing to see. He is so relaxed now, lives life to the full and that’s all down to the fabulous staff and facilities at Ashbourne Lodge.”

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