“I’m surrounded by love in Hazelgrove. My life has changed completely.” Meet David.

When David was left with limited mobility, the next step was to move into Hazelgrove. Four months later, David is happier than ever and happy to belong to the Hazelgrove family. This is David’s story…

“Hi there, my name is David. I am 70 years old and I reside at Hazelgrove care home. I have always lived with my parents until they passed away. I was active and enjoyed talking to people, doing errands, tending people’s gardens, putting the dustbins out for elderly friends, and going to the shops every day. I used to love to do the garden where I lived and would lend a hand to anyone who need it.”

“In 2021 my life changed. I had a couple of bad falls which left me with limited mobility. After a short stay in hospital, I was sent home. My sister looked after me as much as she could, but I was housebound, helpless and I missed the company of others. I missed standing and tending to my garden! I had several more falls and sustained horrific injuries which led to more hospital stays. They said I needed more care than before. I was transferred to Hazelgrove care home in December 2022.”

“When I arrived, I was in an unfamiliar place with new faces, new surroundings and most of all, change that made me feel anxious. I needn’t have worried – the staff made me feel welcome and cared for with so much compassion. It was overwhelming how much love I was surrounded by. At first, I thought settling would be difficult for me, but I had no need to worry. Every member of staff welcomed me and helped through the first stages of my life at Hazelgrove. I couldn’t ask for anything any better than what I received. Every new day brought a new adventure and I even made new friends which I didn’t expect with my learning difficulties.”

“At home, I used to like colouring and doing puzzles, so Vicky, the Activities Coordinator, made a colouring box with me and filled it with pencils, pictures, and books. I loved colouring and gifting the pictures to staff – it was very rewarding.”

“As the weeks began to unfold, I was taking part in almost everything that was happening in Hazelgrove. I looked forward to each day to see what we would be doing. I join in exercise classes for our Health and Wellness month, we play team games, bingo every week and carers support us and help if we are struggling. Every event on the calendar year is celebrated and Vicky, makes it all possible for us to enjoy.”

“It was my 70th birthday in February. I wasn’t expecting anything, but the home made it really special with a cake, party table with friends and family, singing, playing pass the parcel. All valuable memories that I cherish.”

“I love the choice of meals too. We can pick what we would like, from cooked breakfasts, porridge or continental breakfast, to hot dinners, salads, puddings; basically anything you would like, you are catered for!”

“Hazelgrove has helped me in so many ways. I’ve gained confidence in almost everything, even down to every tasks and communicating. The friendship here has taught me to care for one another in a way I didn’t know existed. In Hazelgrove, I learned how to believe in myself and for once in my life, I am in a place where I belong and can express how I feel about my life. My life has changed so completely.”

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Written on behalf of my brother David.

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