“I’ve found my purpose within Buddleia House and I’m so happy.” Meet Brenda.

When Brenda moved into Milford Care’s Buddleia House care home in Hucknall, she never imagined she’d have such an active role to play in how the home is run – and she couldn’t be happier!

“At the beginning of 2022, I knew I was struggling to be at home. I loved my little bungalow and taking care of my husband but my family were concerned about my health and suggested I move into a care home. I was scared and anxious at first. It’s a difficult decision to move into a care home, especially when you’re not sure where or how to start looking.

“In August 2022, my family and I went to Buddleia House for a show around and were instantly drawn to the amount of smiling faces we could see. There were games being played and music being danced to. It was lovely. I made my decision there and then.

“The staff at Buddleia House made the move easy for me. Although I was happy with my choice, I felt nervous and struggled to settle into my new life and routine. I was used to running my own cleaning and textiles business, and was convinced that level of busyness would have to stop.

“A day into being at Buddleia House, the carers chatted with me about the things I liked, disliked and any hobbies I wanted to take up. I explained how I used to have my own cleaning and textiles business, and that I was worried I’d be sitting in a chair not doing anything.

“The next day, the carers had made me a space in the kitchen to help prepare the food for the home. With the help of the cooks, I chopped, peeled and boiled and found myself laughing along with the staff members. I set the tables for the other residents and enjoyed the food, knowing I’d help make it.

“I was itching to get back into sewing. After a lunchtime sitting, I went back into the lounge and the carer surprised me with a brand new sewing machine! I welled up with joy. I couldn’t wait to get started. Off I went, sewing aprons and making accessories for the home, and I loved every minute.

“Some of my new friends and I started up a knit-and-natter club, where we reminisced over patterns our Mum’s used to make and our past careers. We’re happy to spend this time together and I’ve learnt so much about my fellow residents.

“Recently, I’ve learned to use the iPad. I didn’t think I’d get the knack of using technology, but the carers helped me, and now I WhatsApp with my family whenever I want to. I’ve recently discovered Solitaire too, which keeps me busy when I’m watching TV.

“There’s a misconception that when you live in a care home, you’ve been written off, but that’s simply not true. At Buddleia House, I feel more useful and purposeful now than ever. Being surrounded by caring staff who help me to keep my independence, and praise me for my achievements, is one of the best outcomes I could have asked for.”

For more information about Buddleia House and how they can help your loved one, call their friendly team on 0115 968 0900 or email at buddleiahouse@milfordcare.co.uk.

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