“I’ve always been busy, and I’m not going to stop now!” Meet Audrey.

When Audrey first came to The Meadows, she never imagined she’d have such an active role in the running of the care home. Janet Peat, our Dementia Care Coach, tells her story…

“When Audrey first moved into The Meadows nursing care home, Rose Court, she was a quiet lady who found it hard to sit down and relax. As a former machinist at Artex in Alfreton and a doting mother and housewife, she was used to being on the go all the time.”

“She would often ask, “Is there anything I can do to help?”. After discovering more about Audrey’s busy background, we invited her to help the care staff around the home and she was in her element!”

“Every day, Audrey loves nothing more than to collect the pots in the dining room and take them to the kitchen, cleaning down the tables and setting them up for lunchtime, and ensuring the placemats, cutlery and condiments are all in place ready for mealtimes with the other residents.”

“This started her on the road to building her confidence back up and now she gets stuck into loads more tasks. She loves to help the domestic and laundry teams, where she sweeps and tidies the dining room and lounge, fold the laundry and put clean linens away. Audrey is also a keen baker, and enjoys getting stuck in to making culinary creations, which she takes great delight in eating later.”

“Being the middle child of seven, I was always the one who helped my mum at home. I’m not stopping now!”

“Audrey is a very caring and independent lady, and a huge character in the home. She takes the time to chat to her fellow residents and has an amazing sense of humour – her laugh can be heard above everyone else!”

“Audrey’s also very kind and welcoming when it comes to new residents. The Audrey we first met would have never approached a newcomer, but now, she makes them a cup of tea, invites them over to chat and explains about the daily activity schedule. She always makes sure to challenge them to a game of dominoes, of which she is unbeatable!”

“Audrey has come on leaps and bounds since the lady that first walked through the door of The Meadows. She has made many friends here and is very much a valued member of The Meadows family. We love her dearly.”

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