“I like keeping busy and being helpful to others”. Meet Arnold.

When Arnold moved into The Meadows care home in Alfreton, Derbyshire, he quickly felt a huge sense of comfort and purpose. Janet Peat, our Dementia Care Coach, tells his story…

“Arnold came to live at The Meadows when his care needs became overwhelming for his family.”

“When he first joined, he was a very quiet, reserved gentleman who spent a lot of time in his bedroom with little interest in communal activities. Arnold had always had an interesting career – working for the North east Derbyshire Council as a Rental Arrears Officer. He was used to being on the go for the majority of the day so we set about giving him some activities to do to help bring meaning and purpose.”

“As a Dementia Care Coach, our role is to involve ourselves with the resident and their family to learn their likes, dislikes, passions and hobbies. The training we receive as Dementia Care Coaches enables us to improve a resident’s wellbeing and to help give them a meaningful position in the community.”

“Arnold had a very active part in his community during his career, so we wanted to continue that throughout his time in The Meadows. We encouraged Arnold to help by cleaning the drinks area. Supported by our breakfast assistant Joy, Arnold helped tidy up after the other residents and brought the cups over to the cleaning area. Arnold was so proud that he accomplished his task.”

“A few weeks into doing this task religiously, Arnold had begun cleaning the drinks area independently. Joy and Arnold created a real bond and had some brilliant conversations. He really started to open up and become more involved with the team. This lit a fire in Arnold to clean the breakfast area everyday and to make a contribution to his new community.”

“Arnold’s confidence grew so much and it was beautiful to watch. He started becoming much more outgoing, sociable and hilarious! His sense of humour is electric and he makes the team howl with laughter.”

“This inclusion within the breakfast setup became a morning ritual for Arnold and something he looked forward to each day. It’s now his role in the home which makes him feel valued and has boosted his confidence tenfold. The Meadows even gifted Arnold with his own personalised tabard and trolley to make him feel part of the team.”

“It’s incredible what Montessori practice can do. This routine has now stopped Arnold from feeling down and now he takes enormous pleasure in helping the other residents around the home. He’s even increased his task list to setting the tables, taking breakfast orders, preparing drinks and cereals, and collecting the orders from the kitchen. He loves it!”

“I’m so glad that Milford Care encourages independence and offers us the training to understand the Montessori method. We’ve seen Arnold turn from a shy, insular gentleman into one who wants to have social connections, get stuck into positive-risk taking activities, laughs at every opportunity and take part in tasks that nurture his skills and strengths.”

“Arnold takes a lot of pride in what he does. We feel he has a real sense of wellbeing and purpose at The Meadows and the team adore him. He truly is a part of The Meadows family.”

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