Milford Care, The Montessori Way

Engaging and fulfilling the lives of residents

Here at Milford Care, we chat a lot about Montessori in our care homes – it’s at the core of everything that we do, but what exactly do we mean by ‘Montessori’?

Montessori is an approach that supports a person:

  • To be as independent as possible wherever they are on their life journey
  • To have a meaningful place in the care home
  • To have high self esteem and a sense of achievement
  • To have a chance to make a meaningful contribution and help others

Montessori is supporting the residents to be as independent as possible and whilst looking for ways to ensure a person can do something using positive risk-taking. This is based upon their strengths and abilities, their life story and experiences. Knowing our residents inside and out is key for us to make sure they are fulfilled living in a Milford Care home. This way we can deliver care that is truly personalised to each and every resident. 

Resident Roles

Take Rosie at our Ashbourne Lodge care home. She previously had a career in retail, running and supporting shops and we wanted her to feel comfortable and at ease, so we created Josie her own shop. Now she sells products to the other residents and their families, and gives service with a smile. 

“I have worked in a shop for most of my life, so I know what I’m doing. It is good to keep busy and looking after the shop helps me do that”.

Watch the full video here to see how we encourage residents to live with purpose.

Another star is Phillip who lives at our Hucknall care home, Hazelgrove. When Philip first came to the home, he was very reserved and only enjoyed his own company. He was withdrawn from all social situations and reluctant to make conversation or mix with others in the home.

Months into staying at Hazelgrove, his confidence grew and he opted to be the spokesperson for the weekly book club. Philip became a very active member in the Hazelgrove family, creating his own monthly interactive club for the residents which covers a topic of interest, voted for by the residents. The club is so important to him – he spends hours researching the given topic in order to provide a supportive circle for the other residents.  Not just Phillip, but for the whole Hazelgrove family, we have found that it has demonstrated increased rates of social participation and engagement when taking part in the activity.

Meaningful activities and hobbies

Every day, we encourage residents to partake in meaningful activities such as doing art, solving puzzles, playing games, baking cakes or writing letters. All of these pleasurable hobbies boost confidence and self-esteem and will be designed to match the person’s abilities. We might also ask them if they’d like to help around the home, such as admin tasks, washing the pots, cleaning the windows, folding the towels, or doing the gardening.

We provide information and signage so residents can be as independent as possible and which encourage them to do activities that are designed to help them relearn skills or maintain abilities.


In a nutshell, the Montessori approach means valuing the person and helping them to use their strengths and abilities for as long as they can, wherever they are on their life journey.

“Montessori” is not an activity – it is our way of care and runs like golden threads through everything we do.

We hope this has given you some insight into why we like to help your loved one find meaning and purpose in the day to day.

If you would like to know more about how we are supporting your loved one, or how you can be involved with Montessori, contact us  at the care home or head office on 01773 599340 or email us at

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