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We understand the specific challenges that face those living with dementia. Our award-winning specialist teams are on hand to deliver dementia care with dignity, compassion and empathy. Being the sole carer for a loved one with dementia can be physically and emotionally demanding, so there may come a time when you may need to consider residential dementia care or nursing in a dementia care home. At Milford Care, our staff are on hand to provide outstanding dementia care to our residents but also the emotional support to the families when it comes to understanding dementia. This understanding and excellent care has established us with prestigious titles such as the Quality Premium Dementia Award for The Meadows care home, and Nottinghamshire County Council’s Dementia Quality Mark for Hazelgrove care home. At each of our dementia care homes, we encourage meaningful activities based on our Montessori approach. Montessori is a unique and innovative method to person-centred care which has seen success in Australia and Canada. The approach aims to enable individuals to live as independently as possible and have a place in their community to contribute and thrive. Its key principles focus on enhancing the home environment, improving the quality of life for the resident and giving their life purpose. Our approach to dementia care embraces each resident as an individual. We look at each resident’s needs, likes and dislikes, skills and aspirations as we believe these are a core part of who they are regardless of whether they are living with dementia. Within our dementia care homes, residents can take part in daily living whilst still being given a helping hand with everyday tasks. Across our six homes, we give residents the opportunity to visit the indoor sweet shop to enjoy some pic ‘n’ mix, have a pint at the 24/7 bar, reminisce over past memories in our dementia book club, wander our sensory gardens, make creative paintings with our art supplies, take centre stage in karaoke or even feed the chickens!* Many of our residents also love to help out and have roles within the home – this helps to build confidence and gives them a sense of purpose. Hanging out washing, folding towels, lending a hand in the garden and driving the afternoon treat trolley are just a few of the tasks that our residents enjoy getting involved with. Whether you’re looking for dementia residential care or house cleaning service in North Carolina, can cater our care to your loved one.

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We offer dementia care services across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Our Derby care homes and Nottingham care homes have been nominated and won many regional awards for our specialist staff. *Some of our care homes have different facilities. Please contact the homes to find out what activities they have in store.

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