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a full range of care services
A full Range of Care Services

All our homes supply different levels of service tailored to individual needs.

We provide Residential, Dementia, Nursing and Palliative Care, a wide range of services that supports our endeavours to offer a Home for Life. This is a very important consideration for our residents and their families who seek continuing care – and peace of mind – for the future.

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  • Residential Care

    It’s natural that as time goes by many elderly or infirm people find it hard to manage in their own homes, needing a little more help than their carer is able to provide.

    At this point, their thoughts may turn towards living in a care home…and then to questions about how this would affect their dignity.

    At Milford Care we are very aware of these feelings, and place great value on the need for respect and the maintenance of dignity. With this in mind, our staff are specially trained to deliver both sensitively and with consideration any help with bathing, dressing and the administration of medication.

    We also know that social interaction and being part of a community have important roles to play in quality of life and happiness. To fulfil this need, our residential care services organise a wide range of social activities for all tastes and abilities, encouraging friendships and a sense of belonging.

    All in all, we can offer reassuring, 24-hour support for older people who want to live in a comfortable and homely environment. Support that means no longer having to worry about coping alone.

  • Nursing Care

    All our care homes offer the same 24-hour personal support and accommodation of a residential home, plus the benefits of specialist care from qualified, registered nurses.

    This includes nursing care and facilities for various conditions including dementia, Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. We can also provide care for the young physically disabled, for people who have had a stroke and for those who require post-operative, convalescent or palliative care.

  • Palliative Care

    We understand that you may be looking for the most sensitive type of specialist care when a long term condition or terminal illness is no longer responding to treatment.

    Our specially trained palliative nursing and care staff use active care methods to improve pain control and quality of life.

    Staff work closely with family, friends and carers to give them in-depth personal support throughout the resident's illness, and following bereavement.

    Our homes often form part of the local community palliative care service. This means that we work alongside GP practices, community nurses and other support groups such as Macmillan Cancer Support services.

    Many of our homes are now working with their local Macmillan services to achieve the Gold Standard Framework, or equivalent, for End of Life Care. The Framework incorporates the Liverpool Care Pathway, a nationally recognised plan of care to ensure best practice in the care of those who are dying

    Visit the Liverpool Care Pathway website
    Visit the Gold Standards Framework website
    Visit the Macmillan website

  • Dementia Care

    Milford Care staff have been trained in supporting residents with dementia in a person centered way. This includes promoting meaningful activity and individual levels of independence to improve quality of life.

    We also continually look at ways of developing the environment within each home to enhance the wellbeing of all our residents.

    At Milford Care our mission is to bring about real change within Dementia Care. We believe it is possible that people with dementia, despite their disabilities, can experience a sense of wellbeing. To make this happen, care and attention must be focused on the uniqueness of the person, their tastes, abilities and their choices.

    Specialist care for people with dementia is becoming ever more necessary, and we encourage our teams to access the latest training in successful approaches. We have, for example, staff qualified by Bradford University to carry out Dementia Care Mapping. This method helps us to understand the impact of the social world that surrounds the person with dementia and develop care that is truly person centred.

  • Respite Breaks

    Whether you are a full-time professional carer, care for a relative or are in need of permanent care yourself, taking a break from your usual routine can be the solution that works for you.

    As a carer you will want to relax. To do that successfully, you will want to know that your relative, friend or client is in a safe, welcoming environment with personalised care and support tailored to their needs.

    For someone who needs a professional helping hand, a short stay at one of our care or nursing care homes can be just the break that’s needed. As well as the opportunity to take a rest among friendly staff, it’s also a chance to meet and mix with other people we support.

    Many of our care homes are happy to arrange a trial stay, allowing the individual to decide if making this their permanent home would be the right choice for them. We can offer just one night or a longer break. Both options see us working closely with families and professionals to ensure continuity in our approach and provision of support.

  • Day Care

    Independence is a vital part of an older person's dignity. But sometimes, as life goes on, they may feel a little isolated in their own home.

    That's why all of our homes offer local members of the community an opportunity to take advantage of day care services or become involved in various organised social activities.

    Over time, we have found that many participants make new friendships and discover fresh interests while improving or maintaining life skills   without giving up their independence.

    A considerable benefit to anyone finding life a little difficult at home on their own, it can also be a welcome break for carers. For carers, regular breaks are essential for their own wellbeing. And being able to take a break becomes doubly valuable when they know that their loved ones are cared for professionally, whether that’s once a day or once a week.

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