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Positive, unsolicited testimonials from Families and Residents are a welcome boost and encouraging affirmation of the standards we set out to achieve on a daily basis.

Below are just a few of the comments received recently. Just click on the Home's name to reveal the comments.

  • Milford House

    “Thank you for the excellent care that my father received during his time with you” (Relative, January 2011)

    “We know Mum was happy at Milford House and really thrived there. This was in no small way the result of the kind care and attention provided by your staff. It was clear that she was receiving first class care and I would like to pay tribute to the nursing staff who were always cheerful and kind.” (Relative, November 2010)

    “From my first visit to the Coach House [of Milford House], you really helped to ease my concerns for dad, both for his health and his emotional well-being. Thank you so much for all that you have done, it really does make a difference.” (Family of resident January, 2011)

    “I just wanted to thank you and the cook and all staff involved in providing us with a splendid birthday tea for my mother. The food was excellent as was the lovely birthday cake you provided. It was lovely to have the chance for us and my mother’s friends to help celebrate a very special birthday.” (Family of resident, February 2011)

    “Thank you so much for the excellent care that mum received from you all. We never though that mum would be able to come home after her discharge from Derby Royal. Mum arrived with you and within days was more like her old self, you fed her and cared for her. She is now back at home with dad. Thank you for excellent care and cooking.” (Family of resident, February 2011)

    See below for the lovely letter we received from one Resident's Daughter

  • From Molly's Daughter

    Dear Sharon

    I have been meaning to write to you every since Molly died, to thank you and all the staff who cared for her over the 4½ years that she was with you. I have noticed that Care Homes are getting quite a bad press at present, so I do feel that it is very important that those of us who feel so grateful for the care our relatives have received should say so and I should be happy for you to show this letter to anyone, Inspector or prospective Resident.

    I know that I was very fortunate in that I got on well with my mother and knew that while she would want me to care for her, she would not want me to give up all other family commitments in order to do so. There are many feelings of guilt around having a parent in a Care Home and we all want to be seen to be 'good children'. I was helped in my decision by the fact that one of our children was seriously ill. So thanks to you, we evolved a partnership which enabled Molly to be safe and well cared for and enabled me to respond to the needs of others in the family as well as her. It also meant that the time spent with her was stimulating and fun whereas for the five months that she was living with us before coming to Milford house, I was in and out of her room so often that I hardly ever stopped to chat and have a laugh, because I was so exhausted.

    I feel most grateful that, thanks to you, Molly has experienced a Life Stage that I never expected she would enjoy. Having lived alone for 50 years, she had been very much in control and was used to having her life organised just as she wanted it be – licking us into shape if we were not coming up to scratch! She was fiercely independent up to the age of 95, and managed to 'get by' with the help of family and some daily Care. She then had to relinquish control and trust that she would still be looked after. At Milford House she experienced unconditional kindness and respect and a flexibility of care which responded to her changing needs. This, together with the commitment of us, her family, has been a 'double act' which, I believe, has been of enormous significance. It enabled her to know that she was loved unconditionally – something I think she had always doubted - hence her need to control. The fact that she lived with you not us, in no way reduced my sense of responsibility but it transformed my life and the quality of the time I spent with Molly. So a big 'Thank you' for these gifts.

    When she did finally die, I was amazed at her peaceful departure. I had known that she was quite fearful of dying, and, again, I think between us we were able to give her what she needed. I was very touched by the sensitivity and kindness of all the staff who were around when she was dying. They were so sweet and attentive to her and so supportive of me. I felt very well cared for and that was wonderful. Your store of tea bags must have been seriously depleted!!!

    You were always thinking of ways of making life for Molly as satisfying as possible. You recognised what pleasure she was getting from being able to see out of her room and into the Hall and so, when fire regulations meant that doors had to be kept shut, you arranged for automatic 'closers' to be fitted to two doors so that Molly's enjoyment was not diminished.

    She was not always easy, and as well as having a rather wacky sense of humour which was difficult to follow, she could also be extremely rude. But all the staff were unfailingly respectful and considerate even when they must have felt tired and unappreciated. It is a tribute to your management skills that you appointed staff with the potential to achieve the high professional standards you were going to require of them. But you and your senior staff all lead by example and new comers could see what was expected of them in what must have seemed a daunting and confusing task when they first arrived.

    I really appreciated the way I was kept informed about any changes in Molly's Care Plan, and any queries I had were always responded to promptly and appropriately. I do have great admiration for your ability to manage such a large household and maintain the necessary balance between keeping to a routine and allowing for the day to day quirkiness of all the residents. In Molly's case, she was so unpredictable as to whether or not she would get out of bed and this could make life difficult for whoever was hoping to clean her room!!

    I shall look forward to seeing you again when you have Fund Raising events such as the Summer Fair and would always be glad to push a trolley if you are struck down with 'flu! I hope that Milford house continues to provide the wonderful care that Molly received, for many years.

    Our love and thanks from

    Liz Morton and all Molly’s family

  • The Meadows

    “Our family doctor recommended the Meadows. From day one mum was, and still is, treated with the upmost compassion, kindness, care and thoughtfulness. At the Meadows staff work above and beyond their duties, the residents always come first.” (Family of resident, February 2011)

    “It is not just mum who has been treated so well, we also have received nothing but the best of kindness, caring, and great support, being able to talk to any member of staff at anytime. We are always kept informed of anything we need to know. We are always made so welcome on each of our visits, and we really feel very much part of the home.” (Family of resident, February 2011)

    “The residents enjoy great vocal entertainment regularly, as well as day trips, always being encouraged to join in the game, painting, flower arranging, plus much more. Julie, the hairdresser, is on hand every week to work her magic, and keep all the ladies and gents looking their best.” (Family of resident February 2011)

    “My brother and I would strongly recommend the Meadows to any one facing the same decision we had to make. It was by far the hardest decision we ever made, but it has honestly been the best decision we ever made”. (Family of resident, February 2011)

    “The staff at the Meadows are outstanding, caring, loving and amazing people. I thank you on behalf of myself and all of my family for taking such wonderful care of my Mum.” (Family of resident, November 2010)

    “Where do I start, to thank you special people (and you are special). The job you have chosen, to care and love other people’s mothers and fathers with such passion when you must have felt, at times, very tired and stressed a smile is still there for them all. Now to my own mum, if she could have hugged you and told you herself how grateful she was for the dedication and love shown to her it would have been with a lovely smile and a big THANK YOU.” (Family of resident, July 2011)

    “Words are not enough to thank you all for the love and care you gave to mum and the support you gave to us, the family.” (Family of resident, 2011)

  • Hazelgrove

    “Thank you to all staff at Hazelgrove. You were all so compassionate and so caring to our father. We appreciate that very much. Love to each and every one of you. (Family of resident, March 2011)

    “Words cannot express how much we all appreciated the way you all walked alongside us. All your kindness, compassion and care made one of the most difficult journeys we all have to take so much easier to bear. “ (Family of resident, February 2011)

    “Everybody there were so attentive and caring, not only for Mum but to the family as well.” (Family of resident, April 2010)

    “I would like to express my thanks to you all, for the kindness you all showed to my Father. During his short stay with you he always praised you all for looking after him. Special thanks to the cooks.” (Family of resident, April 2011)

    “We can’t thank you enough for the care and kindness you have shown to my Father and to us. We think you are amazing people to do such a job and with such cheerfulness.” (Family of resident, February 2011)

    “We want to express our sincere appreciation to everyone for the excellent care and attention given to our Mum. It has been a great comfort to us that her time with you was so positive and she felt safe and secure. Alzheimer’s is a very difficult disease for the family to cope with, seeing the decline in a person you love so much, but we felt nurtured by you, like our loved one did.” (Family of resident, July 2011)

    As far as we are concerned your carers deserve a medal. This work can be exhausting. You need lots of energy, patience, understanding and compassion. Thank you for your devotion in your work – you truly are special people ‘Angels from Heaven’. Your dedication has helped keep our faith in human nature in these difficult times.” ( Family of resident, July 2011)

  • Spencer Grove

    “I love it here. Compared to the last home I was in for respite, it is spacious, the rooms are lovely, the food excellent and the people nice.” (Resident, December 2010)

    “Very competent staff here and facilities excellent. Only home I know where you can have a cooked English breakfast. Was in [a neighbouring care home] before on respite and did not like it. All you could have for breakfast there was toast.” (Resident, December 2010)

    “I would not be here today I hadn’t come to Spencer Grove. Two years ago I was hoisted out of bed, dressed, washed and now I am independent and walking again. Where else could I be so looked after. I am warm, well fed and have no responsibilities. A doctor is called if I feel ill and comes straight away whereas before I had to wait for days for one”. (Resident, December 2010)

    “Thank you for the wonderful care that you gave Mum. We particularly appreciated the sensitivity and respect for Mum’s dignity that you showed her. She really could not have had better care.” (Family of resident, January 2011)

    “Thank you for the excellent care and attention you all gave to our mother. During her stay we could find no fault in anything at all and would highly recommend Spencer Grove to anyone wishing to place a loved one into nursing care. As the card says, you are all special people.” (Family of resident, May 2010)

    “Dad didn’t want to come here, he had spent his working life at Blount’s and was adamant he didn’t want to spend his last days here. The day he moved in, we visited with great trepidation only to find him sat in his chair, clean, tidy, shaved and dressed with a big smile on his face (something we hadn’t see in 4 months in hospital) and he said “it’s alright here”, from then on he settled in and spent the last eighteen months assisted by carers and staff he regarded as friends, and was always appreciative of everything you did for him.” (April, 2011)

    “I will never forget the care, kindness and professionalism given by you to not only mum by everyone of us. Mum went into Spencer Grove with understandably some apprehension, but in the time she was there she found great affection from all of you and even some special friends.” (Family of resident, July 2011)

    “Thank you more than words can say for taking care of our mum with such care, dedication, skill and kindness. It’s never easy to leave a loved member of the family in the care of others but she could not have been in a better place. The respect and dignity you gave her were priceless gifts. I know you felt as we who have loved her all our lives did, that she was a truly genuine, loving person – with a twinkle in her eye, with such elegance, and such amazing courage. She came to be deeply fond of you all who cared for here. She always talked about how much she appreciated all you did for her. The quality of the care you gave her and the wonderful support and empathy you gave to us, her family and friends were things I will never forget.” (Family of resident, 2011)

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